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At Runa-mineralis, spirituality is our core value. We develop products that are unique and often not available elsewhere.

Keeping up spiritual and Vedic ingredients in a scientific environment. Runa-Mineralis is proud to not sell anything that we would not take ourselves.

We derived our identity from Rune based symbols associated with healing, growth and fertility. This led us to the development of products which we believe promotes natural regenerative powers, with natural ingredients of tested quality.


Owner and CEO, Runa-Mineralis


I was diagnosed with Burn-Out like Symptoms. My doctor gave me painkillers. Using the B12 Supplement from Runa-Mineralis, I could trash the painkillers and restored my full power.
Tastes fantastic. Contains much more B12 then other products. Never had such a fantastic natural taste before. Glad I gave it a try. Even though its expensive, I can recommend it, to anybody.